Unanswered Questions

Although our analysis and observations resolved many mysteries of The Reader, there are a few questions left to which the novel cannot provide any information. Our main question is the connection between Bernhard Schlink and Michael Berg in The Reader.

The life of the fictional character, Michael, and the life of Bernhard Schlink have remarkable parallels. This includes the following similarities:

  • Age: Schlink was born in 1944, Michael in 1943
  • Study: Schlink and his character have both studied law
  • Family: Michael’s father worked as a university lecturer, Schlink’s father did, too

However, this is just guesswork because you can’t find a statement that confirms or refutes a connection between them in the book. To our knowledge, there is no reliable source on this subject.

Other unanswered questions:

  • Even if he should have no relation to Michael: Is the novel fully fictional or did the story really happen?
  • Was Hanna an existing person?
  • Are the descriptions of the Auschwitz trials real observations or merely a free retelling?

Looking at the general notation, we noticed that Bernhard Schlink basically describes each process to the smallest detail. In some places, this makes sense, but in some passages, you could do without details. For example, the description of the courthouse.

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