Hanna’s Description by the Narrator

Hanna changed drastically over the course of the novel. She will, of course, get older, but her character also shows some differences between the parts.
In the first part, Hanna is just a woman who takes care of Michael, but in a rough way. This indicates that Hanna is both helpful, but not too sensitive. Hanna is clearly the leader in the relationship between Michael and her. She orders him to do something and he executes it. Her influence on Michael is also very large. When she is disappointed that he does not make the school year and skips class, Hanna motivated him to stop skipping and to learn for school.
Likewise, she always asks him to read to her. He does, because of his love to her.
Hanna, as a figure, is a 36 year old woman who cares much about her appearance, her attitude, and her cleanliness. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and a wonderful body shape and movement. Hanna smells like a mixture of perfume, fresh sweat, and tram. She brings this smell home from work.

In the second part, Hanna is ten years older. Her figure has not changed. She still has a broad back, strong arms, and her neck is identical. She stands straight with both feet firmly on the ground. Hanna is very conscious, because she admits to what she has done. In court, she even admits that she had written the report, even though she cannot write.
In the last part, Hanna is an old woman. She has gray hair, wrinkles, and a shape that fits her age. Even her smell that Michael loved so much has changed. It smells only like an old woman, not like Hanna had before.
Hanna’s character has not changed between the second and third parts. She shows remorse in prison, lends her records, and is popular among the other inmates. In the end, she commits suicide.

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