Appearance of Michael in The Reader

Michael looks dazed at the beginning of the novel and has a poor self-confidence. This can be explaned because he is suffering from hepatitis. However, because his relationship with Hanna, he gains a lot more self-confidence, especially with other girls. Even his scholastic sense of responsibility increases. In the second part, we can speak of a certain regression, because Michael seems very dazed by the lack of Hanna, what he describes as a “stunning”.

The feeling lasts for several years. During this time, he behaves very arrogant and overbearing with other people(“I remember my grandfather during one of my last visits before his death; he wanted to bless me, and I told him I didn’t believe in any of that and didn’t want it.”). In the beginning of the third part of the novel, this stunning feeling is initially present. After he has managed to get over her trial, their relationship increases slightly again. Michael moves more and more into a normal life. In the end, he can accept Hanna’s situation and later, her death.

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