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Characterisation of Hanna in the novel, The Reader

In the first chapter, Hanna helps Michael, but in a way that is a bit rugged. She appears without announcement and without someone asking for her. But Michael is really happy about her help. In the third chapter, Michael visits her at home to thank her. They are in Hanna’s kitchen, she is ironing clothes while Michael is talking to her. At this point of the novel, she is not introduced.


Chapter four continues straight ahead, without a deeper look at Hanna’s character. They are still in her flat when she changes clothes and Michael spied on her when she was naked. Hanna’s character is quite interesting, so we made up several topics to describe her better:

  • Exterior Appearance of Hanna
  • Sudden Brutality
  • Hanna’s Past
  • Analphabetism
  • Dominance Over Michael
  • Hanna’s Literature about Concentration Camps


Please access these points by the submenu.



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